Due to popular demand the “Honourable Harlots” exhibition of portraits by Melbourne Artist Lisa Dottore debuting in Brisbane, is going to be showing in MELBOURNE at The Old Bar!

Come join us for the opening of "Honourable Harlots and Super Creeps"  on:

Tuesday 9th June at 7pm

The Old Bar (Upstairs)
74-76 Johnston St
Fitzroy VIC

The exhibition will also showcase some new portraits unseen before and can then be viewed 7 days until Sat 20th June.

Come join us for a drink and some live music too, hope you can make it :-)


Hello and welcome to the world of Lisa Dottore! 

Here I will be updating you on my work, events and products.

Below is an events link to my first solo exhibition this April in Brisbane.

Check it out and hope to see you there!

x Lisa.


Honourable Harlots” is an exhibition of portraits by Melbourne Artist Lisa Dottore at The Gettin' Place, Brisbane. It is her first Brisbane show.

Opening Saturday 11th April 3pm - 7pm, come join us and party down!

The exhibition can then be viewed 7 days for the following month:

6:30am - 3:30pm MON-FRI
6:30am - 2:00pm SAT-SUN

The Gettin' Place
Shop 2/145 James St
New Farm QLD
Ph: 3254 0671

It features portraits of well known female pop culture icons and characters who were seen as promiscuous or sex obsessed. “Sluts”, yet loved, respected and idolized.

It highlights the juxtaposition of societies perception of women, (particularly in the media), who enjoy sex or multiple partners as having a particular look; big haired, like a peacock awaiting a mate, and generally quite eccentric.

As one of the portrait subjects Dolly Parton says, "I based my looks on the town tramp - the whore in my own town. She had a lot of peroxide hair, bright red lips and wore short skirts. I just thought she was the prettiest thing I had ever seen."

Lisa’s exhibition is also focused on creating dialogue with visuals stating “I can hold entire conversation with someone using google image searches alone.

I can tell their age, humour, political views and sensitivities based on their responses to certain images of pop culture icons.” She continues “Our society now is so much more visually communicated with thanks to social media and dating apps. How a certain number of “Likes” can determine someone’s self worth and happiness has created a greater pressure on young girls to be more visually sexualized than ever before.

I want to communicate these ideas within each woman in each portrait without having to utter a word.”