Residing in Melbourne, Lisa Rose Dottore grew up in the inner city suburbs of Adelaide. At age 11 her portrait of a fellow classmate ‘Negaya’ was selected to be displayed at the Children’s Museum of Art in New York city, and she has loved the art form of portraiture ever since. She attended North Adelaide School of Art, majoring in Printmaking and broadening her artistic scope with Life Drawing and jewellery. 

Upon graduating, Lisa taught herself to paint; at first with oils and then moving to acrylics, which adapted more to her rapid and manic style of painting. She has previously exhibited with Prints, Drawings, paintings and a series of embroideries, changing medias to suit the message. Having exhibited in group shows, both in Adelaide and Melbourne, she is now approaching her first solo exhibition in Brisbane. 

Her work focuses largely around pop culture portrayed via the mediums of television, music and art. She is fascinated with the new language of communication that now exists, thanks to the internet and visually orientated social media, specifically how these outlets have provided people with a common ground – a topic to start a conversation and an opportunity to build a friendship from something as simple as a Google searched image. 

Lisa’s portraits are much the same, taking you back to different era with one character that can reflect the politics of the time, the social setting and so much more.